Trials and Dispute Resolution

The experienced trial counsel of O’Donnell, McDonald & Cregeen, LLC represent clients in trials throughout Connecticut both in the State Superior Courts and Federal District Courts, as well as appeals to the Connecticut Supreme and Appellate Courts and the Federal Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.  Although the firm has an emphasis in personal injury negligence claims we also litigate business and commercial matters, real property disputes, housing claims, insurance coverage issues, trust and estate administration disputes and governmental matters.

With more than 65 years of combined trial experience, the attorneys of O’Donnell, McDonald & Cregeen, LLC have confronted a myriad of situations and are well suited to handle complex and unique matters. More importantly, they are able to provide the advice earned from that experience to avoid legal problems before they result in the uncertainty and cost of a trial.

To ensure that our clients have the best opportunity for success at the lowest financial and emotional cost, we approach each case with three things in mind:

  • What are alternative options to address the issue
  • What do we need to know/do for our clients to succeed; and
  • What is the most cost effective method to reach the desired result.

In addition to conducting trials, our attorneys also engage in alternative dispute resolution through arbitration and mediation procedures outside the court room. Our reputation among other attorneys and the Courts also has resulted in appointment of our trial attorneys to serve as arbitrators for the judicial system and in the resolution of private disputes.

The appeals practice of O’Donnell, McDonald & Cregeen, LLC draws upon the varied skills and depth of experience of our attorneys to make legal arguments involving a wide range of issues arising from commercial disputes, housing matters, insurance coverage disputes, environmental matters, construction law and personal injury cases.

A sampling of the types of cases successfully resolved upon appeal may be found in reported decisions such as those listed below:

Marques v. Allstate Ins. Co., 140 Conn. App. 335 (2013);
Cogan v. Chase Manhattan Auto Financial Corp., 83 Conn. App. 843 (2004) aff’d, 276 Conn. 1 (2005);
Calcano v. Calcano, 257 Conn. 230 (2001);
Gohel v. Allstate Ins. Co., 61 Conn. App. 806 (2001);
Sealy Connecticut, Inc. v. Litton Industries, Inc., 93 F. Supp. 2d 177 (D. Conn. 2000);
Rustici v. Malloy, 60 Conn. App. 47 (2000);
Sivilla v. Philips Medical Systems of North America, Inc., 46 Conn. App. 699 (1997);
Todd v. Glines, 217 Conn. 1 (1991);
Oppenheimer v. Stolle, 25 Conn. App. 802 (1991);
Catropa v. Bargas, 17 Conn. App. 285 (1989);
Silitschanu v. Groesbeck, 12 Conn. App. 57 (1987), aff’d, 208 Conn. 312 (1988);
St. Catherine’s Church Corp of Riverside v. Technical Planning Associates, Inc., 9 Conn. App. 682 (1987);
Catholic Family and Community Services v. Commission of Human Rights and
Opportunities, 3 Conn. App. 464 (1985)
Rokus v City of Bridgeport, 191 Con. 62 (1983); and
Groesbeck v. Sotire, 1 Conn. App. 66 (1983).