Estate Planning

Estate planning is an important consideration in every family and individual’s wealth management plan, regardless of the size of their estate.  There are many issues which must be considered in estate planning ranging from how you wish to distribute your estate either through gifting or at the time of your death, to tax considerations and decisions concerning powers of attorneys and long term care issues. If you have minor children, there are additional considerations that a professional estate planner can advise you on relating to trusts and guardianships.  When a death occurs, assisting family members in Probate Court requires special skill and knowledge, as well as compassion and understanding. 

We pride ourselves in being accessible and available to help families who often feel overwhelmed by their loss and the magnitude of the responsibilities they encounter when faced with probate matters.  As experienced attorneys in estate and trust matters, we are able to counsel family members with skilled and accurate advice on the following matters:

  • Conservatorships & Medical Commitments;
  • Estate Planning;
  • Guardianships;
  • Living Wills, Advance Directives & Powers of Attorney;
  • Probate Administration; and
  • Probate Litigation.

Estate Planning and Probate Administration requires achieving the goals of the decedent and complying with all state and federal laws.  It also requires a thorough knowledge of the probate court’s procedures.  These complex issues often require professional assistance.  Because of our firm’s experience and knowledge in these matters, our estate attorneys can efficiently and competently represent you in any probate and estate matter.  Our attorneys are often appointed by local probate judges to serve as guardians for incapable persons, and we provide free legal service at local senior centers.